The Wholeness Retreat

Where healing meets the High Performer

Waikoloa, Hawaii
March 22, 2024 - March 26, 2024

You're Successful.
But Something is Off

You can't quite put your finger on it, but when the feelings rise up, they are intense, they are real, and it's so confusing

Here you are, with so much success, numerous accomplishments, plenty of money, thriving businesses and careers. You have people looking to you for answers, leadership, and inspiration.

As a high performer you have to maintain an image, a status, that you feel needs to be upheld in order to maintain what you have created.


Where Does That Leave Room For You?

You need healing and growth just as much as anyone else does.


But the expectations on you are just too high of a risk to challenge.

When you're in the spotlight...

You crave some peace and a place where you can be fully honest and transparent. A space where you can finally admit the struggles and challenges, while being surrounded by women who get it!

Let’s face it! As a high performer, with a high-level of success, you have a different set of challenges than others do.

A different set of challenges than others do AND you need to be with women who can bare the “burden” with you. To feel alive again, grounded, supported, secure and like you will not be judged for what hides behind you helping everyone else.

High Performers like yourself need that safe place to have your whole self be nurtured and healed. When you’re a high performer…

It can be challenging to find a room of like-minded peers….your contemporaries who have the same levels of success matched with similar high level problems, doubts, and personal adversities you face.And to be led and guided by women who have been there themselves and have done and continue to do the high level of work, that will guide you and allow you to grow in all the right places!

The Wholeness Retreat

is where you can break down, breakthrough… AND feel safe and open.

It’s a space of healing rather than dealing, because you’ve been dealing long enough. And your same dealing behaviors aren’t working anymore.

They no longer pull you out and up.

And you know you’ve to do something different

No more quick solutions and motivational sessions.


No more hundredth therapy session with nothing changing in your life.


No more thought work to try to control what you’re thinking in hopes that’ll heal your wounds.


No more personal development books and podcasts.


No more hoping it’ll just get better.


No more business or corporate coaches who give you systems and strategies but no relief from the discomfort and internal struggle you face

At The Wholeness Retreat we go deep into the roots of why you’re in the place you’re in.

How do the circumstances you face even come to be? How you can heal from those root causes without all of the traditional work you have already done that hasn’t worked. How can you finally experience healing for you! And most importantly, how can you finally experience freedom, joy, and the creative successful dreams you’ve always had.


Through the 180 Method, performance coaching with soul, a beautiful intimate community of highly successful women, a gorgeous location, true long lasting healing that is natural, and fun outdoor excursions, a new life can begin.


The level of your sustainable success is going to be tied to the quality of your life. The quality of your life is connected to the degree of healing you’ve done. You know this…now it’s time to give it to yourself.

The 180 Method

We don't mess around or mince words.

We reconnect you to YOU and GOD

We help you develop a LOVING relationship WITH SELF, not self-love.


We help you see the patterns and cycles and break them for good.


We help you to restore your soul, your focus, and your hope, leaving the past regrets and burdens you have carried behind you.

You leave the Wholeness Retreat completely renewed.

Have you ever found yourself thinking...

If you would love to wake up daily and feel...


Destined to meet, these two women hit it off on an intro mastermind call they’d joined years ago and immediately got on the phone. Their hearts for helping successful women melded immediately. Both extremely successful coaches with years of experience and traditional entrepreneurs, with 7 figure businesses, they knew the unique struggles that faced women building businesses, communities, and corporations. From CEO’s to social marketers to salon owners and brand creators, they have mentored and coached thousands.



We’ve been down this road and we know what it’s like. As successful seven figure entrepreneurs, we have faced our own experiences with panic, anxiety, lost performance, and a feeling that the walls are closing in. We have also faced the fears of not knowing what the future holds for our success. On one hand, feeling excited for the growth and the abundance, and on the other hand, feeling scarcity and fear, that perhaps it could all go away. And that, perhaps, after all, the belief we have deep down inside that we aren’t enough, is actually true.


Alejandra Crisafulli is an awarding winning Master Life Coach, global speaker & best selling author. For the past 21 years she has guided over 5000+ high performing women to reconnect with God and themselves. She is the creator of the 180 Method and designed to support high performing entrepreneurs upscale in a natural and powerful way. Having been named a pioneer in the self help industry she knows what it takes to go beyond just your traditional self help models. She is a mother to Mia and wife to Eric. They own a multi million dollar coffee company spanning across San Diego with over 110 employees. She has been featured in Forbes and Salon Today. Alejandra is also an Amazon and Barnes & Noble Best Selling Author.

“I’m passionate about helping high-achieving women because I believe in guiding them towards a closer connection with God. This is personal for me because there was a time when I didn’t know Him, and pursuing success felt exhausting and lonely. My mission is to challenge women to reject traditional self-help models that miss the crucial ingredient we’re designed to have-a relationship with God. Real success, to me, is about having that connection while making incredible things happen in business and life.”


An accidental entrepreneur after having already brought 5 humans into the world, Brooke had a crash course in all things business, marketing, leadership, and personal development. With rapid success in the network marketing industry, Brooke quickly became a 7 figure earner in just 2 years, personally helping to develop dozens of successful entrepreneurs along the way.  From there Brooke went on to create a successful multiple six figure, coaching mastermind, and events businesses called Align of Success, with a focus on helping high performers fina and live in alignment. Having coached and mentored thousands of women, over a hundred in the six and seven figure income brackets, Brooke has seen common patterns and been able to help them break through. 

“My passion for helping women have a whole, healthier relationship with self and God is a true passion! It allows you to keep doing the work that impacts the world at a higher level. My experiences nearly led to burn out and I came close to a crash landing. I spent the time, energy, money, and did the hard personal work to learn what it is to live a successful life. To me, success is the combination of joy, meaningful relationships, prosperity, and purposeful impact.”


What's not covered:


Join us at this luxurious haven nestled by the 5th green of Waikoloa Kings Course. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the surroundings, close to white sand beaches, shops, and restaurants.

7-8 Spaces Available

Luxury Shared Room


Disclaimer: We are not a financial advisor. We are merely sharing with you my experience of over 20 years as a master coach & my own experience of becoming a multimillion dollar entrepreneur. What you do with this information will determine your own outcomes.

Shared King Bedroom

Opens to Pool $8,795

Shared King Bedroom​

Does not open to Pool $8,495