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“I’m committed to teaching you how to

live happily without all the BS”.

– Alejandra Crisafulli



Gain clarity on what to do and how to do it, eliminating all other avenues that only lead you back to where you started



That is everlasting never leaving you to wonder “why me?”, securing the courage and strength to overcome anything and be your gifted true self



With  the greatest power that doesn’t fail nor leave you feeling alone but provides the enduring wholeness you desire

The Death of Your Happiness is Doubt and Confusion.

You recognize this by the things that are happening in your life. The perpetual cycles that continue to frustrate you and ultimately lead you back into the same painful situations.


You know the cycles I am talking about…being frustrated at yourself not having found happiness yet, or thinking you would be in a different place than you are right now. 


Or feeling like you can’t get everything done in a day; there’s just not enough time. 


Or doubting the choices you have made and the choices you need to make for your future.


You have always had to be the one to do it all, make it all, and fix it all. You have never been provided for in the past. You’ve used dieting and exercise to cope with emotional stressors and pain instead of facing it head on. 


You are constantly left wanting more from your life. You never feel satisfied but you end up allowing fear to steal the limelight. 

You fear being alone, being wrong, and making mistakes which ultimately lead you to procrastinate. All of these feelings keep you awake at night thinking, is this all there is?


There must be something better but how do I get it? Those are the circumstances that create these endless cycles leaving you feeling unhappy. I call this the human pain cycle. You may not want to admit it but the cycle is happening for a reason.


Your pain cycle has control over you rather than you have control over it. Is that what you really want? To continue down the past that has only left you feeling angry, frustrated, doubtful, confused, and alone?


I don’t believe you do…but the decision ultimately comes down to you. What will you choose?

Let me introduce

The 180 Method™ to Mastering Life Course

The 180 Method is the solution-driven process developed for those seeking lifelong happiness. This process has been proven and worked for 1000’s of people just like you!


As human beings, we approach situations in the way that makes us feel most familiar and comfortable in hopes that it will change the outcome or lead to a different result. But, we all know whether this leads…the same outcome…the definition of insanity. The 180 Method is the solution to insanity, taking you to a new place where change will actually happen.

The 180 Method to Mastering Life Course

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Learn the Secrets on How to Master Life

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