High Performing Female Entrepreneur Coaching

Not your run of the mil coaching program but the 180 you have been praying for!

As a high performer you know that investing in yourself is key to your growth and movement forward.

YET … you still find yourself stuck with struggling to get to the next level.

It's not like you don't know what to do.

You have...

taken the classes, done the workshops, read the books, gone to counseling, even done many others coaching programs.


You my friend are stuck in the traditional self help ways that have taught you just to deal with things rather than true fundamental ways in which to create change through healing.

Here's why entrepreneurs like yourself have decided to take on life coaching

The 180 Method way!

Rachel Scheer

Multi Seven-Figure Entrepreneur

Lisa Humphrey

Multi Six-Figure Entrepreneur

Marguerite Craig



Tonya Stewart


During your session, we will be discussing...

Hi! I'm Alejandra Crisafulli ,

Creator of The 180 Method!

Alejandra is an Award Winning Master Coach and Global Speaker. With over 20 years of experience in coaching, training and development, Alejandra is considered one of the “pioneers” of the coaching industry. She has worked with over 5,000 coaching clients, trained over 300 coaches, guided entrepreneurs to scale into multi 6+ figure and 7+ figure businesses, and has built a multimillion dollar coffee business with her husband Eric spanning Southern California. Known for her engaging and compelling style, she has taken practical business expertise and married it to energetic spiritual science, giving her clients the modern-day magic that gets results without the BS.

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