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The 180 Method: Stop Dealing, Start Healing for Lasting Happiness

with Alejandra Crisafulli

Are you tired of hitting the same roadblocks despite trying every self-help method out there?

Its time to break free from the endless cycles and achieve lasting happiness, and confidence.

Introducing our exclusive program designed for highly driven women who are ready to ditch traditional self-help models that fall short in the long run.

Here's why entrepreneurs like yourself have decided to take on life coaching

The 180 Method way!

Rachel Scheer

Multi Seven-Figure Entrepreneur

Lisa Humphrey

Multi Six-Figure Entrepreneur

Marguerite Craig



Tonya Stewart


Here's what you can find inside this Free Webinar!

But here’s the best part – you’ll also learn how to tap into the greatest power there is:

Your relationship with God.

Say goodbye to the barriers that have been holding you back and hello to a future filled with confidence, success, and joy. It’s time to take the first step towards liberation and unlock the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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