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As human beings we tend to approach things the same way in hopes that it will change the outcome. HOWEVER it never does or only temporarily does.

UNTIL NOW! With the 180 Method you can finally put an end to the insanity and start receiving the fulfilled life you have always dreamed of.

Discover These Never Before Offered Secrets To Healing And Happiness!

Do You Experience Any Of These Emotions?

Your deepest wounds and the emotions you feel are the two forces that control your thoughts and actions.

Untapped and unacknowledged, they hold you hostage. They keep you from becoming the person you were born to be and ultimately keep you from being truly HAPPY, CONFIDENT & SUCCESSFUL!

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Alejandra Crisafulli

Award Winning Master Coach and Speaker

Hi, I’m Alejandra, Award Winning Master Coach!


Over the last 18 years I have perfected the 180 Method by working with 1000’s of clients.


These people were just like you….at their wits end having tried everything and anything to seek happiness only to have it elude them.  


Just like it is for you.


You know what I’m talking about.  You’ve found “success” financially, in your business, and relationships but you’re still not feeling fulfilled.


When you pull back the layers and genuinely ask yourself why you want “success” you’ll uncover the hard truth that you desire happiness and a fulfilled life.  This won’t happen if you continue down the same path.  This is where the 180 Method comes in.


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They are people just like you who have gone on to do some incredible things with their lives. Here are some of their stories…


Entrepreneur, Salon Owner


“Through my work with the healing formula I have been able to rewire my thought process to stop being self destructive giving me a life of happiness, focus, clarity and an expanding business with me working less.”


“I started working with Alejandra in March of 2020 (I know perfect timing). I initially didn’t even tell my husband I was working with her for fear of his judgment. Our relationship has been a roller coaster from day one, with years of marriage counseling and near divorce. In July my husband had some hardships and I shared my work so far with Alejandra, he was already noticing a shift in my personality. He began working with her and from my lips to God’s ears, after nearly 5 months our relationship has never been better in 17 years. I’m so thankful to have Alejandra in our lives.”


Product Manager

“When I sought out coaching initially, I knew I needed help, because whatever I was doing was not working. I can’t say that I entered certain it was going to work. I had been to “therapy” on and off for years but I knew I needed something or someone different. You have been that someone Alejandra. Because of your empathy, the time and dedication you have put into me, I look at things so different. The impact of your coaching has changed me. Investing in myself and your coaching has been the best thing I have done for myself and the people I love. Thank you for the growth and the accountability. I believe God placed you here for a reason and I want you to know you are appreciated.”


You Have Been Seeking Happiness In All The Wrong Places!

We are made up of both a human side and a being side; and we also have a body, soul and spirit.  Most people associate the soul with the “being” side, however it actually belongs to the human side.  The being consists only of the Spirit and is the innermost essence of who YOU are.


The Spirit is designed for being in relationship with God. If you are not divinely connected to Him in this way, then you are left with a vacuum inside that will never be filled by anything; thus leaving a void. This is exactly what you are feeling and this is exactly what is causing your unhappiness, lack of confidence, and lack of truly mastering your life.  

This Is The Greatest Obstacle Between You And Attaining Healing And Happiness!


Entrepreneur, Professor, Business Consultant

“In September 2020 I was at a cross road in my life that I finally reached a place that I knew something had to change, there was no other option but to make a decision to reach out to Alejandra. After witnessing the changes that Alejandra has made in one of my closest friends, I made the commitment to myself to do the work that has led to the past 4 months of significant growth. Alejandra has done more for me in this time than the years in therapy and reading numerous self-help books. Alejandra has been able to unraveled and meet me in my internal places that I needed to heal, before I could grow into who I am meant to be. Her methods and techniques are so intimately created for my needs that her dedication to her clients is shown as she continues to honor where I am and the commitment of our partnership of where I want to be. “


Entrepreneur, Life Coach

“Along the journey of becoming a life coach, I didn’t anticipate that I would have my own personal transformation. With Alejandra’s guidance, I learned the ways in which I was viewing, thinking, and feeling about myself and how this perception continued to show up and be reflected back to me in my life and relationships. Once I recognized my powerful ability as a co-creator with God, and continued through the healing formula, I began to see and accept the ways that life was actually happening for me and not to me. Not only have I grown into a confident coach and person who knows and embraces herself better than ever, but I have been able to guide my own clients through their transformations as well. Choosing to work with Alejandra was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am eternally grateful to have had her support and benefited from her incredible work.”


The 180 Method is a solution-driven process developed for people seeking enduring happiness.

There are FOUR essential pillars of the 180 Method:

As Human Beings, we approach things in the same way, hoping the outcome will be different.  This in turn leads to insanity.  As Humans, we tend to stay in the cycle that lead to pain.


You must change your direction to experience a different outcome.  


When you embark on this journey, I will walk you through the 4 pillars of the 180 Method: The Golden Key, The Healing Formula, The Human Pain Cycle and The Master Baller Cycle. The Golden Key will show you how to create your own circumstances.  The Healing Formula will teach you how to heal pain, wounds and relationships.  In the Human Pain Cycle, you will be able to recognize the cycles that control your life.  And finally, in the Master Life Cycle, you will transform your life by achieving unwavering happiness. By the end of the program, you will know how to put the pieces of your life and business back on track once and for all.

You can feel loved. You can clearly communicate your needs and wants. You can live a Master Life!

Charlie and Trish

Entrepreneurs, Salon Owners & Videographer


“Alejandra has taught me about the “Golden Key”.  Circumstances don’t just happen.  They are created based on how you relate to yourself.  When I’m feeling confident and efficient, good things happen.  She has taught me that keeping a positive attitude makes things happen!



My relationship with my wife has improved dramatically with Alejandra’s help.  She has taught me how to turn confusion into meaningful and productive conversations.  It’s about taking a deep breath, considering the other person’s circumstance, and communicating.  I wish I knew this 20 ye

ar ago!“


Entrepreneur, Speaker, Educator & Salon Owner


“Aloha: My name is Marc. I am a salon owner, hairstylist and a Leadership, Business & Life Coach. Alejandra has been, for many years, my teacher, coach and mentor. 


Originally, I wanted to learn the practical business of opening a salon and how to be an entrepreneur in the Beauty industry. This included owning a salon, the dynamics of being a hairstylist and understanding marketing. What I got was much more than that. 


Alejandra did not just lay out a direction for me to follow; she gave me the tools to look inside myself and to look at my behaviors as applied to my business and my life. This changed my life as an entrepreneur as well as my direction in business. I learned to trust myself and not to be led by outside voices or my ego. I also learned how to follow my dreams and not someone else’s dreams. 


Like a pilot in a plane, she steers me in the right direction. She guides me to see my own true direction and to own my own truths. Without her coaching and her workshops, I do not think that I would successfully now own my own salon, have a marketing strategy and be a practicing life coach. 


Alejandra is an excellent teacher, coach and mentor.”


Investor, Entrepreneur, Retired Fortune 500 Executive


“Working with Alejandra is a unique experience, one that has helped me immensely in moving from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world.


Having had success in a large company I wanted to apply myself to real estate investing for the purpose of giving back.  While many of my skills directly applied, I found that being solo was not the same as having the teams around me that I’d leveraged my whole career.  I was fortunate to have met Alejandra and became curious about working with her as a client to assist in making this transition.


Having gone through each of the phases of what is now the 180 Method, I clearly learned about the Golden Keys and how I relate to myself directly creates my relationships and circumstances and how to apply the Healing Formula to resolve old traumas.  The journey not only helped me to overcome my business confidence limitations but it gave me the willingness to pursue a passion I’d not even realized.  And, it gave me a much deeper insight into myself.  I am now much more at peace and in ways I’d never imagined and find that I can rely on a spiritual relationship with God to help me address any uncertainties that arise.  


Alejandra has a special gift of being able to connect with her clients in an empathic way, clearing through the clutter to arrive at just the right spot.  Being one to never express emotions, it is uncanny how I’ve been able to make breakthroughs that make me a better Human Being and so I can be of service to others in more ways than financially.  I’m thrilled that she is now making her gifts available to more people.”


Are You Ready To Change Your Direction And Stop The Constant Seeking That Has Left You With The Same Outcome?


You can read dozens of self help books, take many self-assessments, and waste hundreds of dollars on “shelf-help

You can spend even more money and time working with a therapist and never find real healing

You can attend self-help seminars with hundreds of people, and although exciting, you walk away without any healing or happiness because you feel like a number

While these are temporary fixes, they are time-consuming, very expensive, and ultimately, will not leave you feeling healed or happy.






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